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Frequently Asked Questions about our Beds

Question and Advice 1

Question: My wife and I can not agree on the firmness of a mattress we require. Can I have one side of the mattress firmer than the other but be the same depth?

Answer: Yes!

Recommendation:   Beds & Mattresses OR  Dual Sided Medical Mattresses.

More Info: Somnus are a hand made mattress specialist, therefore they are able to make a one piece mattress OR two single mattresses zipped together- but with one side having a firmer gauge wire than the other, this means that the wire in the spring is thicker, so therefore firmer. By using exactly the same blend and quantity of fillings it is possible to have both sides the same depth. All Somnus mattresses have very, very high springs counts and uses different blends of very high quality natural fillings.

The Mammoth dual sided mattresses have no springs at all, they consist of a very good quality medical graded foam which with he use of specially designed castellations will give excellent support and pressure relief for back suffers. It is possible to make one side of the mattress feel firmer than the other by making one half with a firmer, high density foam.

Question and Advice 2

Question: Why will I get a better service from Bedknobs?

Answer: You will be dealing with someone that cares!

More Info: James, Ryan, Malcolm or Darren will always be at either the Hemel Hempstead or St Albans store to offer their in depth and friendly advice. Customer satisfaction is the true reason for the success and reputation of Bedknobs, a passion that our many repeat customers have grown to know and love. Backing up our in store team are our fantastic delivery team, taking pride in every delivery to ensure your experience with Bedknobs is an excellent one!

Question and Advice 3

Question: In Bedknobs opinion, who makes the best bed? Who makes the best mattress?

Answer: There is no best!!

More Info: Only after talking to you, understanding your needs and requirements can we help to point you in the right direction to help you make the correct decision. After consultation, we will be able to advise you which products would be non advisable and those that would help you achieve your goals.

Choosing the correct mattress is different to many other things you will buy, with a mattress, you have to start to establish which kind of firmness and feel you don't like, in order to rule them out and 'home in' on the correct ones, this ruling out process will enable you to really focus on a carefully considered 'few' mattresses which from our experience, follows with you making the right choice. 

Question and Advice 4

Question: What is the difference between open coil sprung mattresses and pocket spring systems? Which is right for me?

Answer: Open coil spring mattresses are generally less expensive- ideal for children or to achieve a budget adult mattress. Pocket springs will mould more to your body posture to give a higher level of support.

More Info: Depending on the size of the mattress, open coil sprung mattresses will have a spring count of 100-400 springs. The springs are clipped north to south and east to west to keep them together. The quality of the mattress will depend upon the thickness of the wire used (the gauge of wire) in order to make the spring feel firmer or more durable or the kind of filling used on top of the spring and the amount to make it more or less comfortable to aid in the durability also.

Pocket sprung mattresses will vary tremendously in spring counts, usually in a 5FT (kingsize), from 800 springs upwards. The higher the amount of springs used does not always mean you will increase the quality- the quanity and quality of fillings used on top is equally as important! We will try to show in other quaestions and answers how this is the case.

Only by working with your mattress specialist in the showrooms will give you the opportunity to understand which combination is right for you!

Question and Advice 5

Question: Why is Memory Foam used in a mattress and what does it do?

Answer: Memory Foam will mean you will not have to turn your mattress and will aid customers needing extra pressure relief for joints, bones and muscular tension.

More Info: Memory Foam is made of millions of tiny cells, these cells are heat sensitive. In a cold block it will feel hard as a brick, however with a little heat the cells react and open which allows them to move and shift. So when you lay on a Memory Foam mattress it uses your body heat, the cells shift and move and the Memory Foam moulds to the body giving a soft cushioned feel which helps to relieve pressure points and improve circulation.

Many people think that Memory Foam moulds to your body and stays that way, remembering the position you have laid in! This is NOT the case, its the opposite. Memory Foam actually returns back to its original form, hence why it is easy to care for and doesn't require turning. Also, because the cells reform it allows the Memory Foam to keep adjusting to the sleepers' position as you move through the night.

Memory Foam is measured in density, the higher the density the greater the amount of cells. More cells equals more support and pressure relief. Most manufacturers use what we call V60 Memory Foam, which is 60% density of Memory Foam. However, we show and supply mattresses manufactured by a medical and Memory Foam specialist called 'Kaymed'.

manufacture Memory Foam themselves and can make it to a much higher density. The mattresses we display by Kaymed incorporate V85 Open Cell Memory Foam which is extremely responsive. This higher density Memory Foam is proven to last longer and is fully breathable, maximising fresh comfort and greater support.

Other bed manufacturers will source V60 Memory Foam from Kaymed, however, Kaymed keep V85 Memory Foam exclusive to themselves.

Question and Advice 6

Customer called me today regarding kingsize mattresses and divan bases. The lady is in a small property and has limited access with getting a mattress and base in. I suggested to the lady that what might be a good solution would be a roll up, vacuum packed mattress as it is small enough to carry very easily due to it being rolled up. With the base, I suggested a frame as these are delivered flat packed and assembled in the bedroom. The lady thought my suggestion was very helpful and the customer is looking at coming into to store over the weekend to look at our range of rolled up mattresses and to look at possible frames.

Question and Advice 7

A customer called me today regarding mattresses which can be made to measure. The customer needs a mattress which is 3ftx6ft. I explained to the customer that yes we can supply a made to measure mattress and that we had a good selection of different variety of mattresses in made to measure size to choose from and some would be available to him within a week if he was looking for quick delivery.

Wow... I think the boss has gone mad! We are launching our new mattress madness advert next week and I've just had the first sneaky peek! Watch this space for our crazy, crazy deals!

If you require any more information then please get in touch with us today by calling 01442 269989 or 01727 833744 or fill out our contact form here.

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