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Memory Foam Mattresses, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Hertfordshire

Memory Foam is a polyurethane foam with additional chemicals which increase its viscosity and density. It is often referred to as 'visco-elastic'. 

Memory Foam is 'temperature sensitive', this means it will soften in reaction with body heat, allowing it to mould around your body contours, soft where you want it yet firm where you need it. Memory Foam was developed by NASA, then later released to the public domain when it was recognised for its pressure relieving properties and was subsequently used in medical settings. For example it was commonly used in mattresses for patients required to stay in bed for a long period of time.

A conventional mattress would increase pressure over some body regions, even causing blood flow to stop, however, it was proven that Memory Foam increased blood circulation and reduced pressure points, and its heat-retaining properties also helped some pain suffers who find the added warmth helps to decrease pain. Unfortunately, the heat-retaining properties can also be a downside, making the sleeper feel too warm in bed, however not all Memory Foams are alike.

Better quality- higher density Memory Foams such as the Kaymed v85 open cell Memory Foams are more commonly used for its breathability. Using open cell Memory Foam with pocketed springs in a mattress will also help with the temperature regulation as this will help with air-flow passing through the mattress. Having springs in your mattress has also proved to be beneficial as this will aid the sleeper with more free movement in the bed, thus giving a more traditional feel but with added comfort, support and pressure relief.

Memory Foam is made of millions of tiny cells, these cells are heat sensitive. In a cold block it will feel hard as a brick, however with a little heat the cells react and open which allows them to move and shift. So when you lay on a Memory Foam mattress it uses your body heat, the cells shift and move and the Memory Foam moulds to the body giving a soft cushioned feel which helps to relieve pressure points and improve circulation.

Many people think that Memory Foam moulds to your body and stays that way, remembering the position you have laid in! This is NOT the case, its the opposite. Memory Foam actually returns back to its original form, hence why it is easy to care for and doesn't require turning. Also, because the cells reform it allows the Memory Foam to keep adjusting to the sleepers' position as you move through the night.

Memory Foam is measured in density, the higher the density the greater the amount of cells. More cells equals more support and pressure relief. Most manufacturers use what we call V60 Memory Foam, which is 60% density of Memory Foam. However, we show and supply mattresses manufactured by a medical and Memory Foam specialist called 'Kaymed'.

http://www.jdr-websites.co.uk/gallery/images/1374/image/kemid.jpgmanufacture Memory Foam themselves and can make it to a much higher density. The mattresses we display by Kaymed incorporate V85 Open Cell Memory Foam which is extremely responsive. This higher density Memory Foam is proven to last longer and is fully breathable, maximising fresh comfort and greater support.


Other bed manufacturers will source V60 Memory Foam from Kaymed, however, Kaymed keep V85 Memory Foam exclusive to themselves. 


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